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The Medieval
Total area: 38 sq. m. A kitchen combined with a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom
Colors, textures, and sentiment of the apartment
The Middle Ages can be understood in various ways. For us, broadly speaking, it is all about the play of light and shadow, the contrast between rough and subtle matter. The utterly laconic décor of the apartment is in fact distinctly modern accented with elements characteristic of a medieval inn, castle, monastery cell. These include authentic iron rings, rivets of irregular shapes, aged wood: stylization and authenticity complement each other.
The Exposition
The paintings by Alek Boym, Irina Akimova, Yuri Ustinov.
Additional details
The kitchen-living room has an upper window in the roof.

An impressive twin bed in the bedroom is hinged to the ceiling, hanging on chains.

Scones on the walls are reminiscent of torches.

The spacious and minimalist kitchen-living room is set in very simple shapes: an eye-catching rustic three-color bar table (white, gray, brown) and tall chairs with wooden bottoms and metallic legs stand in contrast with the dark beams of the canted ceiling, and so do bright blue bathroom walls and modern lighting with wrought décor details.
«Заснула чернь. Зияет площадь аркой.
Луной облита бронзовая дверь...»
Osip Mandelstam
«Заснула чернь. Зияет площадь аркой.
Луной облита бронзовая дверь...»
Osip Mandelstam

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